Print Fonts

For print publications, the Darden fonts are Adobe Caslon,  and Franklin Gothic. When combined, the contrast is appealing and sophisticated.

Caslon is cited as the first original typeface of English origin. It was used in many historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence, authored by UVA’s founder, Thomas Jefferson. Caslon is a versatile font with short ascenders and decenders.

Franklin Gothic is a popular sans-serif font suitable for a variety of uses, and is especially attention-grabbing as a headline and callout font. It is available in condensed and extra-condensed weights.

Bodoni is a serif font and is used as a supporting typeface for headlines and call-outs. Bodoni Poster Italic is most frequently used as it provides a fun, bold, yet studious feel.

Adobe Caslon (serif) for use is text and headlines


Franklin Gothic (sans-serif) for use is text and headlines


Bodoni (serif) for limited use in headlines and pull quotes, for emphasis.


Web-Only Fonts

Darden’s website uses Calvert, a slab serif, for headings and Museo Sans 500, a sans-serif font that is highly legible for the web, for body text.

Calvert (headings)


Museo Sans (text)


E-Newsletter Fonts

For Darden e-newsletters, please use the sans-serif font Georgia for headlines and Arial for text.

Georgia (e-newsletter headline)


Arial (email and e-newsletter text)