Logo Usage Guidelines

The logo is the single strongest visual element used to promote the UVA Darden brand. Therefore, the logo must be used consistently and correctly in order to effectively build awareness and to protect the Darden identity. The logo must be applied in accordance with the following standards and guidelines to ensure that every application achieves maximum consistency and visibility.

In order to maintain a consistent brand image, the Darden logo and family of sub-brand logos for specific business units and Centers of Excellence are the only authorized logos representing any department affiliated with the School. Individual departments may not create independent logos to be used in place of the Darden logo.

Only Darden faculty, staff and authorized student organizations may use the logo. Individual students are not permitted to use the logo without prior permission from the Office of Communication & Marketing. For external constituent logo requests, please contact Susan Wormington, art director, for permission and proper logo files.

The logo system designed by UVA for all schools and units in 2016 is designed to be flexible, with options available according to usage. Guidelines are listed below.



This version should be used in most applications where space allows and a degree of formality is appropriate. The primary logo identifies Darden and it’s relationship to the University. It is used when a degree of formality is desired. Examples are publications, letterhead, business cards and formal correspondence.


This version is designed for applications where horizontal space is limited, such as in websites, envelopes, banners and trifold brochures. To comply with postal regulations, this the the logo that should appear in the return address on publications.

Short Form

The short form logo is designed for more casual applications, such as when the audience does not need the full name and description of the School. Examples are:

  • Signage for events at Darden
  • Alumni print communications (such as Reunion)
  • Promotional materials, T-shirts and “giveaway” items


The monogram logo is designed for applications where horizontal space is limited, such as approved websites, banners, brochures, and advertising. This logo is appropriate to use when the audience is familiar with Darden. Examples are give-aways, physical products and signage on Grounds and at trade shows. It is also approved for use in all display advertising, where there is a clear customer path to the Darden website as a destination, which identifies the full name of the School.

The monogram logo may be used on publication covers as long as one version of the primary logo appears the back cover.

Four renderings of the logo are available:

  1. Full color (blue and orange) on a white or light background
  2. Black on a white or light background
  3. White and orange on the Darden blue background
  4. White on a dark background



Darden Centers of Excellence Logo Usage Guidelines

Darden’s Centers of Excellence use a three-tiered logo. The work of the research centers is extremely important to the School. Care should be taken to adhere to Darden’s type, photographic and color standards. The logos for the centers should follow the same guidelines for use as the Darden logo.

Primary Horizontal

Primary Vertical

Short Form


Logo Usage Guidelines for Darden Executive Education

Darden Executive Education is provided by the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation, and is taught by faculty from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, the University of Virginia and leading industry professionals.

The official logo for Darden Executive Education is seen below. This logo must appear on all collateral — both print and digital —and includes all publications, advertising, brochures, videos

The Logo

The Wordmark

The Darden Executive Education wordmark may be used on brochure covers and advertising. The purpose is to offer an option to identify Darden Executive Education in a prominent way on collateral. The wordmark is not to be substituted for the official logo.


If you have any questions regarding proper usage of the Darden Executive Education logo, please contact Julie Daum, executive director, Communication & Marketing, daumj@darden.virginia.edu or +1-434-243-3911; or Susan Wormington, art director, Communication & Marketing, wormingtons@darden.virginia.edu or +1-434-924-1060.