Editorial Style

The Darden School of Business Office of Communication & Marketing follows the Associated Press Stylebook as its chief reference on questions of editorial style, with certain exceptions.

Darden’s editorial guidelines present acceptable style rules to be used when writing news and magazine articles, blog posts, website copy, video captions and other texts related to Darden. The following section presents Darden editorial style guidelines for common terms and uses. The complete editorial style guide is available on the MBA Portal.

School Name

The “brand” or “media” name of the School is the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, which should be cited on first reference. On additional references, use the Darden School of Business, Darden School or Darden (in news stories and less formal text).

University Name

If you are using the University’s abbreviation, use UVA. This applies to all page titles, subtitles and main content areas of any website, email or print publication.

Name of Research Centers:

The work of the Darden Centers of Excellence is extremely important to the School and should be attributed on first reference to Darden.
A few examples:

  • University of Virginia Darden School of Business Center for Global Initiatives
  • University of Virginia Darden School of Business Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Darden Alumni and Degrees:

Darden alumni should be cited as follows:

Graduates of the residential MBA: Bob Smith (MBA ’98)
Graduates of the Executive MBA: Bobbie Jones (EMBA ’09)
Graduates of the Global Executive MBA: Jane Walter (GEMBA ’13)
Graduates of The Executive Program: Brad King (TEP ’92)
Current MBA and Executive MBA Students: Julie Jones (Class of 2019)


Email Newsletters

Darden’s primary email vendors are iModules and Emma. When crafting an email newsletter for your area, we recommend:

  • A simple header that will keep the focus on your content
  • Adherence to the Darden color palette
  • Inclusion of the Darden logo
  • Succinct text that is easy to scan and engaging to read
  • Include alt text with photos to comply with accessibility guidelines

If you are preparing to launch an email newsletter, we invite you to contact the Office of Communication & Marketing so that we can provide guidance and assistance.

Personal Email Style Guidelines

  • Avoid the use of backgrounds, personal quotes or decorative fonts in your emails.
  • Preferred fonts for email text are legible sans-serif fonts. Good choices are Arial, Calibri and Helvetica.

Email Signatures

To ensure that the name of the School is referred to consistently in email signatures, please use the samples below. For detailed instructions on creating signatures in Outlook, refer to these instructions.


Your Name
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
P.O. Box 0000, Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-0000 USA
(Optional) Shipping: 100 Darden Boulevard, 22903

email address
+1-000-000-0000 P
+1-000-000-0000 M
+1-000-000-0000 F

(Optional) logo image with link, or use url above.


Your Name
MBA Candidate, Class of 20XX
University of Virginia Darden School of Business

(Optional) logo image