The guidelines outlined here apply to branding, content and file requirements for digital video production within the Darden School of Business and by outside vendors. If you have questions, please contact

Export and Encode Requirements for Videos Posted to Darden’s YouTube Channel

Edited video files for web posting

  • QuickTime .MOV or .MP4 format using H.264 compression, encoding quality set to High or Best
  • Hinted Streaming setting preferred if available
  • Full HD: 1920×1080, 16×9 square pixel (preferred)
  • HD: 1280×720, 16×9 square pixel
  • Standard Definition: 864×486, 16×9 square pixel

Edited audio within video files for web posting

  • Linear PCM, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit Stereo or AAC audio, 44.1 kHz Stereo, 192 kbps minimum

Other formats such as Flash Video (.FLV) or Windows Media (.WMV) or video aspect ratio (4×3) may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Format Requirements for Audio/Video Sent to Darden Media as Files to Edit

Video Formats

  • Sony XDCAM Optical Disc
  • Sony XDCAM EX (files only on hard drive)
  • Panasonic P2 (files only on hard drive)
  • Panasonic AVCCAM (on hard drive or SD card)
  • Generic AVCHD (as .MTS files)
  • Avid DNxHD files
  • Apple ProRes
  • H.264 files as .mp4, .m4v or .mov, most QuickTime (.mov) files accepted

Audio Formats

  • .WAV file, uncompressed at 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz Stereo
  • .MP3 file, minimum 192 kbps at 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz Stereo

Darden produces and edits in NTSC standard for the United States. Other international standards, such as PAL, SECAM, etc. may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Other audio formats, such as .AAC or .AIFF, may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please coordinate with Darden Media before recording to ensure complete compatibility.


ITC Franklin Gothic: Use in all text, with the exception of some titles.

Adobe Caslon, Semibold: Use in creating titles when the Darden logo is also on the screen.

Darden-Branded Bookends

Videos should start and finish with Darden’s branded bookends.

The opening screen features an animated light sweep across the logo, and the closing still uses the last frame of the intro animation, holding on screen for a minimum of :05

Placement Guidelines for Lower Third Captions



First Line (Name): Franklin Gothic Medium, 70PT, Aligned inside Title Safe

Second Line (Name or Title): ITC Franklin Gothic STD: Medium Condensed, 50PT, Aligned inside Safe Title directly beneath First Line

Third Line (Optional*, No Affiliation to First and Second Line): ITC Franklin Gothic STD: Medium Condensed, 50PT, Aligned inside Title Safe directly beneath First Line and bottom aligned with the Darden Bug.

*Typically used when this line will stay visible longer than First and Second Line.

Darden Bug

A bug is a graphical element that usually displays in or around a given corner of the viewable area of the video for all or a portion of the program. Its position puts the bug away from the main focus of the video and it is usually styled so that it doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

The Darden bug is a semi-transparent graphic of the Darden wordmark. Placement is lower right, aligned at the bottom of the Action-Safe area.

Contact Darden Media for the Darden Bug graphic file.

How to Create a PowerPoint to Be Used in Video

Background Color: White
Be as plain as possible.

Font: Franklin Gothic (Best) or Arial
Please use bold, not regular.

Size of Font: 18pt or Larger
The larger and bolder the better.

Darden Logo: Only on the title screen
Use the Darden-branded PowerPoint template.

Format: Widescreen/16:9
Use the Darden Widescreen PowerPoint template.

Blank Slides: Build in Blank Slides if you wish to use them like a “chalk board.”

Permissions: Make sure you have permissions to place copyright materials in your presentation. Contact Darden Media if you have a question about whether something is “fair use.”

Lines per Page: Use no more than four bullet points or seven lines of text per page.

Copyright Information (for Darden Faculty and Staff):

For any external-facing instructional or promotional materials, the same copyright and permissions process should be used as when drafting cases and tech notes. If you have any questions about any third-party materials you would like to use, please feel free to reach out to Eric Fletcher, director of enterprise compliance, Darden School of Business, at